How to avoid van rental scams in UAE?


The most common frauds in this world are the car rental frauds. This kind of fraud is done almost everywhere in Dubai. It has become quite common. Be it anywhere, scams can be seen everywhere. Extra charges will be yielded by car rental agencies. Some of them will even ask you to pay the whole price in the initial month itself. Ajman and Sharjah are famous for such type of frauds. Ensure that you are not a victim of such scams when opting for a car rental or best passenger transport in Dubai. We just want to help you and save your money from such scams. It is better to look or go for reliable agencies. If you follow the rules suggested by us, then you can be aware of such scams. Thus can be saved from this.

Always choose a reliable agency.

Always select a reliable agency, if you want to save your money. You can ask your friends about any car rentals they have opted for and then go for them to be more trustworthy. Even you can't just go for a pick with the reviews provided on Facebook or Google. You can't trust such reviews, these can be done by the agency members itself. It is always better to ask public opinion before renting a car. Thus you will come to know if it is a trusted agency or not.

Extra charges and tips should not be given.

If you are looking for a rental car along with your family, then you will need an operator as well. Then you can opt for UBR. We can help you with the minivan rental in Dubai, along with a driver in urgent cases. Remember this can be a scam if the driver asks you to pay extra for him along with tips. In such cases please inform the rental agencies that have provided you with the driver. First, let the rental agency deal with the dues. Tips are not even required.

You don't have to pay for the damage that you didn't create

You have to do certain paperwork done before renting a car or even for Staff transportation buses on rent. For this, you have to agree with some laws and policies of the rental agencies. Paying for damage also comes in that. Here, also you must look out for fraudulent behaviour. These rental agencies can charge you for the previous damage. Even if it is a scratch. To be not scammed by them, you should take a picture of the car or van you rent along with the paperwork. Thus you can be saved from scam.

Don't opt for online rentals

In Dubai, don't go for online rentals. As you will not be able to understand whether it is damaged or not. If you pick an online service, then they can place the damage caused before on you. Thus you will not be able to do anything with that. You will have no proof that it is not caused by you. Thus it is advisable to visit them directly and convey the rental car you need and make an agreement. Go and check for yourself. If you want to avoid scams, this is the best way to choose. You can secure your time and price, once you check the rental car and make agreements for the same.