Factors why a minibus is better than a van for a small group trip.


Getting a secure transit can be a complex thing if you are a regular traveller. You will have a problem with picking a minivan or bus when you have decided to travel with a group of people. If you are looking for Van rental Dubai, then you can pick UBR Bus Service. What makes minibuses a more reliable alternative than a van? They are a great choice of travel for transporting people from one destination to the other. Such as for marriages, competitions, sports and other events. Let us dig into the difference between a minibus and van:-

More passengers can be added

The size of the vans is what matters. They can't fit in so many people, they will all be cramped in that space. About 12-15 passengers can only be included in a van while a minibus can carry up to 35 members. Our minibus is capable of including more people and can carry large groups for events or functions.

Storage space

Inside the van, you can store your things in a much little space, under your seat and so on. Compared to a van, the minibus has more storage facilities. They have overhead storage bins, which makes it more spacious than the van.

Safety in riding

The main difference between the van and minibus is their construction. Thus the minibus can be safer in riding than a van. The features which make minibuses more safe to travel includes the dual rear wheels and construction of steel cages. Both of them are constructed for added safety. If there is a rollover risk, then the dual rear wheels can protect you and the sidewall protection by steel cage will help the passengers from getting hurt if there is an accident. Thus Bus rental Dubai is a very choosy process.

Comfortable travel

The comfortability while travelling in a minibus is more than when compared with a van. Bench seats are fitted inside a van whereas bucket seats form part of the minibus, making it convenient for travelling. More interior headspace for the passengers is the next advantage of a minibus. For a van, the headspace is less. The centre aisles of the minibus are what makes people move easily in it. Inside a van, it is not possible as it doesn't have a centre aisle.

Make it more accessible for passengers

One of the benefits of the minibuses is that they are easier to board. A minibus has less height for steps whereas the steps of the vans are much higher. Boarding the vehicle has been made much easier by adding handles to assist the elderly and disabled ones.

Added Facilities

For a minibus, much more amenities are provided than a van. A van may only have a radio and air conditioning facility but a minibus may have much more. They will have added features like great storage space, plush seats, overheads, wifi, tv and much more.

Assigned driver

We will also provide you with a reliable and dedicated driver to get you to your destination. Our drivers are efficient ones having dealt with travelling to different locations and know the safest and best route you can be taken with. You can completely rely on our drivers for the safest route. You can keep these points in mind before choosing a Bus for rent in Dubai. For a comfortable travel and added features, you can contact UBR Bus Service.