Driving through the fog in the UAE.


Driving through the fog can be a difficult process, as you will have less visibility and there is the danger of hitting anything coming your way. To be a perfect driver, knowing to drive in foggy conditions is very essential be it a van rental Dubai or Dubai Bus rental.

Turning the fog lights on

First, you should know the symbol of the fog light. Every vehicle doesn't have front fog lights most of them have rear fog lights nowadays as per the law. Around the globe, it is a legal requirement. Till the fog clears, turn on the fog lights and wait. You should turn it off after the fog is cleared or else it will cause glare for the other travellers. You can notice the fog light switch on the indicator stalk or in the headlight knob. Checking your vehicle manual makes it easier for you to find your fog lights.

Drive only if is safe

If you are travelling for an important meeting or conference and the fog has delayed your journey, then you should inform your boss. You can either text message him or even sent a picture message. If he has an issue with this, it is better to leave that company. You should stop for the fog to be cleared. Then only leave for your destination. Even if you are looking for a Bus for rent in Dubai, you should ensure it has every safety protection especially the fog lights.

Pausing at a service station

If you leave the house with everything visible, but spot fog on the way, then slow down and pull into the nearest gas station and wait until the fog is clear. It will take an hour or two, so grab a drink and let your manager understand that you have paused until your trip is safe.

Dipped headlights

You could turn the headlights on if you drive in the fog. Ensure that they are plunged (i.e. normal). Flying on the central lines is risky for oncoming traffic (denoted as the blue mark on the dashboard). Do not drive through the fog with your main beams on. Don't think you wouldn't be there before verifying if your car has a fully automated headlight.

Don't keep your hazard lights on

When it comes to driving with your hazard lights on, it can create a lot of chaos. This they do to make themselves visible to others. But this can create accidents and is not such a wise decision to follow. Often road hazards are to be informed by using a hazard light and also to caution it to other drivers.
If a rider behind you finds the dangerous lights on, he could hesitate and assume he's stuck (do not forget that there is low visibility), and he could break abruptly. This could lead to an accident, particularly with the driver behind him.

Turn on your heater

If it is foggy, it is usually cold, which means it will build up condensation within your vehicle. This would further impact visibility. This heater helps to preserve open glass.